10 Actors Who Could Be the 13th Doctor Who

Will one of these actors be the new Doctor Who?


Talks of who will replace Peter Capaldi and become the 13th Doctor have started heavily among sci-fi nerds and fans of the show, with people speculating on who could possibly take on the coveted role. While many actors have been rumored as having taken the role, nothing is confirmed thus far, and therefore there is room for even more speculation. So who could do the honors of continuing the legacy of this famed time traveler? Let’s throw some names around!

1. Tom FeltonImage result for tom felton

While it may seem strange to fans of the Harry Potter franchise to suggest that Draco Malfoy of all people should play a character known for his compassion, there is still weight to adding his name into the fray of contenders for the role. Tom Felton is a much more ranged actor than what people give him credit for because he portrays villains so well. However, when it comes to characters who solve problems and care for others, Felton can play them just as well. Such a popular actor among other fandoms could truly create a buzz around the new Doctor Who series, and bring us a Doctor with a personality we’ve never quite seen before.

2. Matt RyanImage result for matt ryan actor

An actor that most people know as the one true John Constantine, Matt Ryan is perfectly suited for the traditional Doctor Who that we are used to seeing. We’ve seen in his other roles that he is best suited playing someone who is compassionate yet tortured, and has the mysterious and attractive persona that previous Doctors David Tennant and Matt Smith had. Ryan is a popular and beloved actor among many fans of the superhero genre, and a lot of people have the same passion about Doctor Who. With the audience being easily transferable, Matt Ryan could have huge success going back to British television as possibly the most popular character the country has known.

3. Simon PeggImage result for simon pegg

Simon Pegg is mostly known for his comedy roles, however he has done some high quality sci-fi action work in the newest Star Trek movies. The Doctor is known for being sort of quirky and fun loving, so it’s not a stretch to say that Pegg could pull off such a character. While he’s mainly focused on movies at this point in his career, who could turn down the chance to play Doctor Who?

4. Richard AyoadeImage result for richard ayoade

Known for his absolutely stellar comedy The IT Crowd, Ayoade is known for branching into new and strange projects that he’s never attempted before. So while he’s never attempted anything to the magnitude of Doctor Who, he is certainly up to the task. As far as character traits go, Ayoade has the eccentric and awkward personality to be compatible with the timelord, and could very well snag the role if he threw his name into contention.

5. Craig FergusonImage result for craig ferguson

I mean, come on. Who better to replace Peter Capaldi than his old friend and bandmate Craig Ferguson? Fans have been screaming for Ferguson to join the Doctor Who universe for years, and now is as good of a time as any. The showrunners could keep the kind of personality in The Doctor that Capaldi built, but at the same time integrate more comedy into the show with Craig of course being a brilliant comedian. The acting projects that Ferguson has been apart of (while there are few) have shown him to be quite the talented performer, and I’m fairly confident that even though the show is widely popular and known, he is up to the task.

6. Samuel BarnettImage result for samuel barnett

You may know Samuel Barnett as the star of the absolutely stellar new show Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, and you need look no further for reasoning as to why he is perfect for Doctor Who. He shows in the series how quirky he can be, how he can solve life threatening problems and how important companionship really is to him. While he obviously does still have that series that he is working on, if he could find it in his schedule to tackle the 13th Doctor, I believe that he could truly nail the role like we’ve never seen before.

7. Dominic MonaghanImage result for dominic monaghan

Yet another familiar face that you would have to know from such projects as The Lord of the Rings and Lost, Dominic Monaghan has been quiet in the acting world of late. However, that does not take away from the fact that he is still respected and sought after, perhaps for roles such as Doctor Who. Still as popular as ever, the media and fans alike would buzz with excitement at the thought of what Monaghan could bring to the role, as I know I am.

8. Mathew BayntonImage result for mathew baynton

Perhaps not on the same level of fame as some of the other men on this list, Mathew Baynton could still be a hefty contender for the role. He was the star of the short lived comedy You, Me and the Apocalypse, and although the show didn’t achieve much success, he showed a wide array of acting skill. Showing just how much acting range he has makes me believe that Baynton could take on a character of this caliber, and show everyone just how much he belongs in the mainstream of acting excellence.

9. Sean PertweeImage result for sean pertwee

The son of the third Doctor Who, Sean Pertwee has been a favorite for the role ever since he started acting himself. Known now as Alfred on the hit series Gotham, Pertwee has grown into quite the badass mentor, which is suitable for the role of Doctor Who. Obviously the thought of playing this character must have crossed his mind, and now is as good a time as any for him to take up his father’s mantle.

10. Jamie BellImage result for jamie bell

Most recently throwing his name in the hat for the new James Bond, I believe that this is a role more suited for the aspiring action hero Bell. While James Bond may be a bit of a stretch, with each regeneration of The Doctor, actors get to choose how they want to portray the character. Making the role his own could prove to the liking of Bell, and he could make a name for himself as he has been seeking to do with future projects.

What do you think? Who should be the 13th Doctor? Let me know in the comments!

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