Become A Real Life Jedi Master in 5 steps! (No really!)

become a jedi master

So every one has seen the many badass Jedi Knights and Masters of the Star Wars universe, at one time or another everyone has thought “Man I wish I could be like that!” well the good news is that you can be! well maybe not a lightsaber welding, force jumping warriors but something pretty close! Here are 5 steps to becoming a real life Jedi Master!

Get In The Mindset


This is a lot harder then it seems, many people want to become like a jedi but are not willing to put int he time and effort. This process may take a while but the rewards will be great. So be prepared for this process to take a while. Patience one must have hmmmm.

Read The Ancient Texts


What sets a Jedi apart from those around them is their knowledge, they know more, study more and apply themselves more then the average person. It is helpful for one who wishes to become a modern day Jedi to read texts that introduce the philosophy. some texts to consider are

“The Art of War” by Sun Tzu, this book teaches one to think tactically and to be wise in how one plans and goes about life.

“The Republic” by Plato, Jedi are very influential in government and understand governmental affairs, the republic is one of the most famous texts on republics and modern day government. It is also a very exciting read as it is laid out as a novel so it is easy to read.

“Confessions” by St. Augustine, a Jedi master must be humble and live a clean and moral life, confessions is the biography of a man who left behind a pleasure seeking life in order to live humbly and simply.

“Tao te ching” by Laozi, this text is famous for its wisdom on subjects like, life, humbleness, strength, character and pursuing truth.

“Proverbs” by King Solomon, one of the most widely read texts on wisdom, life, business, and truth. this book was written by a king who pursued wisdom and wished to live a pure and selfless life.

Relaxation And Focus


As you have seen Jedi are masters of focus and relaxation even under the most difficult circumstances, while many people react with emotion a Jedi reacts with precision and logic. By having a relaxed mindset one can handle crisis’s and stressful times with ease. Some of the ways to relax and train yourself to think like a Jedi are the following.

Relaxation alone.

Many find this hard as it takes time and discipline. Its very important to take time everyday to be alone and quiet. Make a space for yourself that is a relaxing place of peace, this can be a small corner of your home or a place in your yard. The location does not matter as it simply needs to be a place you can go to be quiet and think. Spend some time in your place, it can be 15 minutes or up to an hour, the point is to be able to sit and relax and be alone with your relaxing thoughts. As said before think about relaxing things, go to a place of peace, such as a mountain Forrest or beach, don’t focus on your problems or things you need to do, just focus on relaxing.

Focusing on positives.

Thought out your day focus only on positive thoughts and images, as soon as negative thoughts come in to your mind banish them by returning to positive things. The more you dwell on positive thoughts the less stressed you will be and the more focused your mind will become.


Breathing is something we all do to live, but what most people don’t know is that certain kinds of breathing can be better then others. for example taking long deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth, helps to lower your heart rate and blood pressure. Taking a few minutes out in the day to close your eyes and breath this way will help to sharpen your focus and calm your mind and body.


Spend a 15 minutes everyday sitting quietly, take deep breaths and focus on purging yourself of negativity. As you sit and breath focus your energy on the positive things in your life, every time a negative thought comes in purge it and replace it with a positive one.

Learn A Martial Art


he Jedi are know for being peaceful yet when they need to defend the defenseless they are skilled warriors. To help you on your path to beign a Jedi master it will help to learn a martial art, martial arts help to install things like honor, discipline, and respect as well as defense. Some good martial arts to learn are

1) Kendo

2) Tai Chi

3) Tae Kwon Do

3) Kung Fu

Remember just as Jedi do, only use knowledge of martial arts to protect yourself or others.

Train & Help Others


The above steps are a life long journey, but as you progress daily and become more and more like a Jedi Master, the time will come to take an apprentice. People will see the difference in you and how your reactions and demeanor is difference then those around you. When people ask you why you are calmer, more collected and healthy you can tell them and offer to show them the way to be like you. following the steps and becoming a real life Jedi Master will not only help you be a better person, it will improve your work at your job, it will help your family and friends and lead to a long and healthy life.


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