CBS Cult Classic Show Jericho Celebrates 10 years Of Fallout



Jericho Celebrates 10 Years of Gaining New Fans!

Every TV show at some point in its life celebrates its 10th anniversary, that being said it’s not every day that a TV show that reaches its 10th anniversary has its fans throwing a large celebration of its impact. Remember that huge celebration of the 10th anniversary of NYPD Blue in 2015? ya me neither, a show does not have to have run many seasons in order to be celebrated 10 years after airing, the fans of the sci-fi show “FireFly” who call themselves “Browncoats” are numerous and despite the show airing a scant 14 episodes still celebrate its life and impact years after its cancellation.

Jericho CBS All Access
Jericho CBS All Access

In much the same vein the fans of cancelled hit show Jericho who call themselves “Rangers” number in the millions and have successfully lobbied new life into the Jericho franchise. With rumors of the shows possible continuation on Jericho CBS All Access floating on the wind the legions of Jericho fans are more excited than ever to celebrate the legacy and life of Jericho.

Jericho first aired on September 20th 2006 and went on to win the hearts of millions of Americans with its depictions of life like characters, issues and fears. Along with its small town charm Jericho threw in dramatic conspiracies and evil villains that made the story just as exciting as it was memorable.

Jericho CBS All Access
Jericho CBS All Access

This 10th anniversary for Jericho has been very memorable, with record fan turn out at the “Save Jericho” fan table at San Diego Comic Con, a viral news story about a possible show continuation on CBS All Access, and unprecedented social media reach. It’s safe to say that industry insiders have noticed the swell in Jericho support and fans.

I asked Gwen about the rising excitement about the Jericho Decennial and she said

“lots of fans have been checking into the Save Jericho Facebook page. Ranger Landy made an anniversary video that has made quite a splash with the fans.  It has most of the fans in tears. A lot of the fans have been doing their own private rewatch of the episodes.”

The video can be found here

The fan support for Jericho is not abating and is heating up with lots of activities for the 10 anniversary dubbed #JerichoDecennial by Save Jericho leaders. The activities include contests, apparel for fans to purchase, and even a special Radio special being hosted by Radio host Matty P for his show “Saturday Morning Cereal” on the Matty P. Radio Network.

How can Fans Get Involved in the Anniversary Celebration?

Gwen stated “The fans can listen to the Jericho Decennial Radio Show, which will air on Saturday, September 17th at 6 pm Pacific Time. The player link is here: or          The player will also be in the Jericho Kansas Chat room and you can chat with your fellow fans while the show is playing: The player won’t start the show until air time (9/17 at 6 pm PT).

She continued

“On the anniversary of Jericho’s premier, the Jericho Facebook Groups (Jericho Rangers, Jericho Rising and Jericho on All Access) will be hosting a fan favorite rewatch. The rewatch will take place on the evening of September 20th, from 4-7 pmPacific Time. We will be watching the following episodes:

  1. Episode S1 # 1   The First Seventeen Hours (The Pilot)
  2. Episode S1 #22 Why we fight (Season 1 finale)
  3. Episode S2 # 7   Patriots and Tyrants (Season 2 finale)

Ranger Holyhobbits , will be hosting a trivia contest, with prizes, during the chat. We will watch via our own devices and we will chat in the Jericho Kansas chat room, located here:

The 10th anniversary celebration of Jericho is promising to be very exciting and memorable, for news regarding the 10 anniversary celebration or Jericho CBS All Access be sure to check out the Save Jericho Headquarters  also use the hashtag #JerichoDecennial to help spread the word.


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