Jericho TV series Relaunched? Is the Cult Classic Show Headed To CBS ALL Access?


We all have fond memories of the dynamic television program called Jericho a series that met its untimely end in 2008. The series follows the residents as they deal with day-to-day life and how they find themselves at the forefront of a menacing conspiracy. After an excellent first season, it was canceled by the production company, but thanks to a massive fan campaign, Jericho was brought back for a shortened second season. The series was then canceled for good after the second season concluded. Thankfully the story was wrapped up well enough that closure was felt – even though the ending was begging for more development into what could come next.

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After its second was canceled, Jericho had many champions who fought for its return. In the past few years, Gwen, manager of the Save Jericho! campaign, has overseen the campaign’s 20k plus Facebook fan page and website, both of which are constantly updated. She also runs the Jericho fan table at various comic conventions and has even been able to secure celebrity appearances at the table from the show’s stars.

the show was brought back in graphic novel form for a third and fourth season (there are rumors of a fifth season graphic novel possibly coming out) thanks to the fans and the legions of new fans that came from the show’s release on DVD and Netflix the graphic novels were a massive success. Several years ago Netflix made a tentative offer to produce more seasons of Jericho on its streaming site. CBS was reluctant and did not take the offer much to the disappointment of fans and cast members (almost all of them loved the show and said they would come back)


The main question was why would CBS turn down a lucrative deal with Netflix? The possible answer came later in 2016 when CBS Corp CEO Leslie Moonves announced that the CBS streaming service CBS All Access (which streams over 7500 TV episodes) would begin to produce original content. Moonves said that the long-range goal for All Access was to launch three to four original series a year, the first of these series to be a new Star Trek series.

Now it makes perfect sense that CBS would turn down a Netflix deal in order to craft a new birth of Jericho on its own streaming service. All Access as an original content creator is not a sure bet, and it is a big money gamble for CBS. One of the ways they can minimize the risk is to create content that has a built in fan base, Star Trek and Jericho both have millions of dedicated fans that are very loyal and working hard to bring the shows back for new seasons.

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Jericho is a perfect fit for CBS All Access for a few reasons so here are five reasons why CBS All access is the best place for Jericho to call home.

  • A world without ratings

In the world of Streaming there are no ratings, studios don’t care how many people watch as long as those who do watch are happy with the content and thus keep paying for a subscription to CBS All Access. On streaming services, the fans come first not the ratings.

  • Freedom of story

TV shows that air on Network TV are burdened by boundaries on what they can show, how long they can run and how much they can cost. Jericho on CBS All access would be free to tell the story the writers want to tell, there would be no hamper on what they could do. There is also the possibility that new Jericho episodes could have a longer running time and thus be able to tell more story. Jericho could also explore a bit of the seedier and dark world of a nuclear apocalypse that network TV would not have allowed.

  • Jericho would be free of scheduling conflicts

Many of the actors who starred in Jericho are very in demand and have many projects they are working on. While this would cause a problem for Jericho if it went back to network TV this would be no issue on CBS All Access. The show would be filmed as one long movie, and the shooting schedule would work around the actor’s schedules. Jericho on CBS All Access would be able to film a new season (or movie) and then take a break if needed of a year or two then film another season or movie.

  • More funding

Streaming shows that are produced by Amazon or Netflix are known to have larger budgets then there network TV counterparts. For example the Netflix show Marco Polo was rumored to have a 90 million budget for the first season. Now while Jericho would not have as large of a budget or need one, Jericho would be allowed more money to tell the story the writers wish to tell. The burden of producing revenue is not shouldered by one show but is shared between shows on streaming services.

  • Possibility of Spin-offs

With all of the benefits above, shows have greater freedom on streaming sites such as All Access. The studios like to keep fans happy and have been known to produce spin-offs of popular shows to fill the void while new seasons are being filmed. For example, while season two of Marco Polo was delayed, Netflix filmed and released a stand-alone prequel film based on one of the popular characters. Imagine what this would be like for Jericho, if the fans want it we could see movies and episodes based on fan favorite charters in the Jericho universe. Maybe an episode or film on the rise of Thomas Valente, or on the early days of Robert Hawkins.

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All in all, CBS All Access is the best answer to Jericho returning for more content. It is a wide open world for the show to play in and all access would allow Jericho to find new fans and grown its story in ways not previously possible. To join the fight to bring Jericho back check out the below links to become a Jericho Ranger!

Save Jericho! Facebook Page

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Jericho Rangers Facebook Group

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  1. Jericho was the only TV show my father and I ever watched together after I was grown. It means the world to me that it has a chance to return, remembering such a great show that brought my father over to watch on my then new “HDTV”. I was a peanut donor, and Dad was back for the short season 2.
    I can’t imagine all the new possibilities that exist for the storyline which is eerily foreshadowing our current political climate. I know so many who’ve discovered the show on Netflix. The audience would be huge, and I’m scared to get my hopes up, but All Access would be a perfect fit.
    I’m not sure about needing a jump in the story line because all the actors still look great. I purposely avoided the graphic novels, because I’ve always known a show this good would somehow come back. I hope I’m still alive to see it, along with my now 79 year old Dad! Hurry up CBS!!

  2. Great article! This series is my all time favorite. I follow all Gwen’s posts and eagerly await Jericho’s comeback. Our fans dedication is truly amazing. Its a testament to the quality of the Jericho series. If you haven’t seen it, WATCH IT! BRING IT BACK! NUTS!!!

  3. I hope All Access is considering Jericho very carefully. I love Star Trek – I am among the original “letter-writing Trekkies” (and we called ourselves Trekkies – Trekkers were the Johnny come lately fans who wandered in after we watched every episode on every channel for 7 or 8 years – but I won’t get All Access unless it includes new Jericho episodes.

  4. Twin Peaks makes its return tonight, (5-21-17). If they can do that weird show, than they can do jericho! I’m sure the networks are different but I think you know what I mean!

  5. Why was such a great series cancelled in the first place? I’m about to give up TV altogether because EVERY series I have come to love has been cancelled. not getting my hopes up for Jerico’s return

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