JERICHO BREAKING NEWS: New Information On Upcoming Graphic Novel


For the past year, I have been working on a story regarding the Jericho Season 5 graphic novel. This graphic novel has been somewhat of an enigma, as its existence has been floating about for a long time, yet it has not been released. As everyone knows Jericho was a show that was cancelled, resurrected by a massive fan campaign, and then canceled again. The show was brought back in graphic novel form by IDW comics in the form of “Season 3 and 4” The novels were best sellers and were reprinted many times, in fact it was the popularity of the comics that breathed new life into the Save Jericho Campaign. Given the ending of the season 4 graphic novel, it was fully expected for a “Season 5” to be released, it has now been just over 2 years with no information as to when the season 5 graphic novel will come out……that is until now.

I will present the information I have as fully and completely as I can. I also will use as many real names as I am able. Some of my information I am forced to keep the source confidential as they did not want to be named. That being said I will present you with just the facts, then break down what it seems these facts mean to the future of Jericho.

Jericho season 5

The Season 5 Graphic Novel is finished.

Last year I was approached by an individual who said they had information regarding the long-stalled Jericho Season 5 graphic novel. I asked if I could state the name of the source in this article but the individual said they were not authorized to speak on the record. So, I will respect their request and not reveal their name, I will call this anonymous source Patrick for the sake of this article. Patrick stated that he was close to the production of the comic or close to someone who was connected to the production, he went on to say that the Season 5 graphic novel was finished and completed (Written, inked and proofed) and was ready to go to print but that the production had be halted by individuals within CBS. This was major news, I tried to get more information from him but was unable to, the source is reputable so this led me to pursue the story and see where it led me.

IDW did not lose the licensing of the Jericho comic series.

I then tried to find additional confirmation on Patrick’s story, I contacted IDW comics and spoke with a PR rep named Steven Scott (a very nice man) Over the course of several emails I was able to get additional bits of information. I asked Mr. Scott why IDW had stopped producing Jericho comics, and I asked if they had a licensing issue and were unable to produce more. Below in a snap shot of his reply which clearly states that they did not lose the licensing of the series. At the end, he dodges the question.

Jericho season 5

In a different set of emails, I then asked Mr. Scott about what Patrick had told me regarding the Jericho season 5 graphic novel. Again, I was careful not to reveal Patrick’s name or supposed standing in CBS in order to protect his identity. Below is a snap of my email and Mr. Scott’s reply, he is very cordial but is clearly not willing to speak on the matter. If the comic was canceled Mr. Scott would have clearly stated that, and his statement of “I can’t confirm anything” in the journalist world is a case of “where there is smoke there is a fire” which means what there was more going on he could not talk about.

Jericho season 5


The confirmation of Patrick’s story

In the journalist world (which I have been a part of for a long time) the phrase “I can’t confirm anything” means there is something to confirm. If Patrick’s claim about the season 5 Graphic Novel being finished and delayed by CBS was in fact false, then IDW would have said that there were no plans to continue the Jericho series and it was finished. Instead Mr. Scott confirmed that the series was not shelved, and there was no licensing issue with CBS, the next thought would be that CBS shelved the series due to poor sales figures. However according to the Jericho series executive producer, Dan Shotz the graphic novels were a major hit, with season 3 being reprinted over six times (both series are still in print and best sellers) Thus we can conclude that CBS did not halt the Season 5 graphic novel due to poor sales or due to licensing issues. With the questions of poor sales and losing the licensing conclusively answered and debunked by both the IDW PR rep Steven Scott and executive producer Dan Shotz, we can say that there was another reason that the comic was halted. This lends credence to Patrick’s story and when coupled with Mr. Scott’s replies makes Patrick’s testimony a lot more believable.

What does this all mean?    

The following is only speculation, but there is clearly a reason CBS halted the season 5 graphic novel. The only reason that would make sense is that there is a television script being worked on for a possible Jericho series revival at CBS All Access, the producers of Jericho said they had 10 seasons worth of story to tell in the Jericho universe. The cast and producers also stated that if Jericho returned it would time jump the years between the season 2 cancellation and coming back on the air. At some point the graphic novels would begin to catch up to whatever story the creators of Jericho wanted to save for TV. Could it be that the season 5 graphic novel had in fact caught up to the Jericho TV script? and this is why CBS told IDW to halt production?

Only time will tell……

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  1. Why they would cancel a great show like Jericho and replace it with Shit of the Week, is beyond me. maybe they just had too many beers.

  2. Get a copy of TV Guide magazine and look at its display of “top shows” for the past week. CBS is keeping shows on the air that had fewer viewers than Jericho. What was the real reason they cancelled the show?

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