Want To Be A better Gamer? This App Will Teach You Everything.

Image via dojomadness.com

German app developer Dojo Madness wants YOU to be a better gamer. The start-up development company just completed a funding round that raised $4.5 million. That’s a lot of money going into an app which focuses on esports coaching. At start the team at Dojo Madness plans to offer coaching for the game League Of Legends, which happens to be the most actively played game in the world. Since its launch in 2009 League Of Legends, or LOL for short, has helped shape the esports scene and grow it to mainstream proportions.

There is a lot of money in the world of competitive gaming and the competition is fierce. Not sure if you have the potential to be a better gamer? This is where Dojo will step in to help. Their first app LOLSumo (which was launched in September) focuses on improving a player’s performance in League Of Legends. This will be done by providing champion analysis as well as situational tips and item purchase options. This data is currently offered by numerous websites but requires players to ‘tab out’ of the game if they want to check information. By adding a second screen players can focus more on what’s happening in the game. the developers plan to draw API data from LOL servers in order to provide in-depth statistics. Among other features, users of LOLSumo will be able to check the skill and win rate of their teammates and opponents through the app. The app will also show achievements and identify areas where improvement can be made.

Moving forward the German start-up plans to expand its reach into other competitive games. By providing coaching and analysis they aim to help everyone raise their level of play and be a better gamer. So far the app has surpassed 500,000 downloads, a remarkable number that shows the appeal of competitive gaming.

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